Tehran, the capital city of Iran, is full of different types of cafes and coffee houses with different styles and stories. But with a busy schedule and limited time, how can we find a café that suits the best with our expectations?
Here is a list of 7 best cafes that you can visit in Tehran:

#Baccara café

If you are looking for an outdoor café in Tehran, Baccara café should definitely be one of your top choices. Even though This café offers both indoors and outdoors sitting, I personally recommend choosing a table in the beautiful yard and watching the fountain while enjoying your order.

Baccara café is located in an old renovated home which brings a nostalgic Persian vibe to the place.

Baccara is known to have a really delicious burger but if you are not a burger lover their menu includes a good variety of other options including hot and cold beverages, salads and appetizers, desserts, breakfast, local and international foods, etc.

It might not be easy to find a parking spot near the café but if you are willing to use public transportation, this café is very close to Enghelab metro station.

Since Baccara café is crowded most of the times, we suggest you make a reservation especially in holidays.

  • Address: No. 19, Rahnama Aly. North Kargar street, Tehran, Iran
  • Phone: +98 937 668 4324
  • Hours: Sun-Sat, 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Fridays, 9:00 AM-11:00 PM)

outdoor space in Baccara cafe- 7 best cafes in Tehran

#Tehroon cafe

If you want to enjoy some traditional Persian cuisine, Tehroon cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran to choose. This café offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options so people with different diets can enjoy local Persian dishes and drinks.
The location is in the heart of Tehran and the place is a renovated red brick house from the 1960s. This café has a lovely yard with a garden which is more popular during summer and spring. The interior with vintage furniture and pictures brings you to the old Tehran and gives a unique experience.
Due to the limited space in this café, we highly recommend you to make a reservation in advance.

  • Address: No39- Khosrow Alley- Nejatollahi، Nejatollahi St-Tehran
  • Phone: +98 21 8890 6813
  • Hours: Sun-Sat, 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM

#Rouhi cafe

Whether you are a local or a tourist, you will most likely end up visiting Tajrish bazaar and square at least once. Tajrish Bazaar is a traditional bazaar and a very popular place to buy a souvenir!
Rouhi café with a location close to Tajrish bazaar is one of the top traditional cafes in Tehran. The decoration is a reminder of Iran in 60s and 70s and the menu includes different Persian foods and drinks. The food is usually in big portions and is served in traditional Persian dishes which is a charm. On top of that, Rouhi café offers some delicious Persian street foods such as pomegranate with angelica, sliced watermelon and grilled corn.

  • Address: Cinema Astara (Tajrish Sq.) Tehran, Tehran 0098, Iran
  • Phone: +98 21 2271 2076
  • Hours: Mon-Sun, 9:00 AM–10:30 PM

#Godo Yas cafe

Godo Yas café is the best choice If you want to relish authentic Persian food. The building used to be a Persian old house which was abandoned for a while and now is turned to a beautiful café that reminds us of the old Persian grandmother’s houses.
One of the qualities that makes this café a memorable place is the beautiful pool in the middle of the yard that is designed with old Gol-sorkhi (a type of traditional Persian plate) . To complete the whole traditional Persian house vibe, orders are served in traditional Persian dishes too.
If you are planning to go to this café during the weekend, it is better to make a reservation in advance.

  • Address: Mohammadi street (vila street), Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
  • Phone: +98 21 8894 2573
  • Hours: Sun-Sat, 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

interior of Godo Yas cafe- best cafes in Tehran

#Lamiz coffee

When you walk into a Lamiz coffee house, you will be welcomed by the delicious aroma of coffee. This coffee cafe has several branches in Tehran and is famous for its high-quality drinks. The branches are usually crowded with a modern design and professional baristas.
The café offers a good range of hot and cold beverages and some pastries. If you are in a rush and need some coffee or a bite of sweets to-go, this café is an excellent place for you.

#Sam café

With 4 different branches in Tehran, Sam café is one of the best cafes in Tehran to work or have a business meeting. If you are a coffee lover and always looking for some high-quality coffee, this café is a good choice for you.
The menu does not offer traditional Iranian food options but they have different tasty items on the menu that you can enjoy. The menu includes some vegetarian options as well.
Branches have a social table that you can use to meet new people and have new conversations or just sit and work along with others.
Just keep in mind that Sam café is usually crowded due to its popularity and sometimes you might have to wait a bit before getting a sit.

(To find out more about branches and hours, please visit their website.)

Sam cafe- Best cafes in Tehran
photo is taken by Mahsa Noori

#Type café

Type café is a creative modern café that is cosy and suitable for staying long, working or communicating with friends.
Old type machines on the tables make the space unique and more enjoyable. This café has both social private table so you can choose the most suitable one.
Even though Type café does not serve Persian dishes, they offer a great variety of food items on their menu with reasonable prices.
Do not forget that you can ask for free refills on tea and coffee while enjoying your time there!

  • Address: No. 232, Kalantari Aly., Iranshahr St., Tehran, Iran
  • Phone: +98 21 8834 9917
  • Hours: Mon–Fri, Sun , 8:00 AM–Midnight (Saturday, 5:00 PM -Midnight)