Zereshk Polo Morgh |Persian Barberry Rice With Chicken

Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh is one of the signature dishes of Persian cuisine. This food is made with rice, barberry, saffron and chicken. This simple yet delicious food is loved by all Iranians. What is Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh? Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh literally means “Barberry rice with chicken”. In Farsi, Polo / Polow generally […]

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Baghali polo | Persian rice with dill and broad beans

Baghali is Farsi for Broad Beans, Combined with fresh finely chopped dill along with aromatic rice make a very delicious meal called Baghali Polo. Ingredients for Baghali polo Like most other Persian polo recipes Baghali Polo has only a few ingredients. All you need is rice, fresh or dried dill, broad beans, oil, salt and […]

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Persian Rice and Tahdig Cooking Guide

Persian rice plays an undeniable role in Iranian cuisine. The variety of rice types and also the Persian style rice cooking methods in Iran seems unbelievable. Believe it or not, making good Persian food is an Art. It can seem long and intimidating, but the key virtue in the Persian culinary tradition is patience. And […]

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