Masghati | Persian saffron and rosewater sweet

Masghati is a soft, Jelly-like sweet made mostly in southern parts of Iran. This sweet is made with slight changes in ingredients and recipes in different regions of Iran but the basic recipe is more or less the same. The main ingredient of Masghati is starch which gives the sweet its jelly form. Saffron, rosewater, […]

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Khoresh Karafs | Persian Celery Stew

-Khoresh Karafs or Persian celery stew is a unique green dish in Persian cuisine due to its spectacular flavour of herbs. A combination of celery, herbs and lemon juice makes this food one of a kind. I am very fond of celery in every food, and I believe Khorsht Karafs exaggerates the incredible taste of […]

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15 Popular Vegetarian Persian Dishes You Must Try!

There are plenty of ¬†Persian vegetarian dishes one must try upon visiting Iran. Persian cuisine is a whole lot more than kebabs and lamb chops. There is a misconception that Iranian food is very meaty. Although the majority of households in Iran often cook with meat and poultry, vegetarian meals have always been on demand […]

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