Persian chickpea cookies | Nan-e Nokhodchi

Persian chickpea cookie or Nan-e Nokhodchi is a light gluten-free cookie that is one of the most favourite sweets for the Persian New Year. Alongside the preparation of Haft-Sin table and New Year’s special meal, Sabzi-Polo-Mahi, Persians have a tendency to make sweets and pastries. Iranians believe that these pastries can bring good fortune. As […]

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Ash Reshteh | Persian Noodle Soup

Ash Reshteh, is a thick Persian vegetable and noodle soup that is a staple dish of many Persian gatherings during winter. The term “Ash” is used to describe Persian thick soups that are cooked with different ingredients. In Farsi, we call a chef “Ashpaz” which means a person who cooks Ash. Reshteh, on the other […]

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