7 Best Cafes to visit in Tehran in 2020

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, is full of different types of cafes and coffee houses with different styles and stories. But with a busy schedule and limited time, how can we find a café that suits the best with our expectations? Here is a list of 7 best cafes that you can visit in […]

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10 Persian food items to buy as souvenirs

Among the huge variety of Persian souvenirs that are available in bazaars in Iran, food items can be a good choice. Persian food souvenirs are not only usually more affordable than handicrafts but also are going to be good reminders of your Persian culinary experience in Iran. #Saffron Iranian saffron is one of the most […]

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6 Most Comforting Persian Funeral Foods

In Persian culture, certain foods are usually served during hard times like funeral services or traditional religious mourning events. In Persian funerals, some sweets are usually served to help people with their potential low blood sugar. What sweets are served in Persian funeral? Dates and Halwas are inseparable parts in Persian memorials since the old […]

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Best Places to Eat in Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar is one of the most popular tourist spots of the city, as well as one of the major business hub in Iran. You could easily lose track of time while window shopping and sooner than you think it is time to eat! But where is the best place to eat, between the […]

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10 Weird Persian Food That Will Blow Your Mind in Iran

A trip to Iran won’t be any fun if you’re not eating any weird Persian food! It’s always exciting to experience different food cultures and taste dishes that sound, look or taste strange. In Persian food culture, we have dishes that may taste weird to others but in fact, they are adored by many Persians. […]

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