6 Most Comforting Persian Funeral Foods

In Persian culture, certain foods are usually served during hard times like funeral services or traditional religious mourning events. In Persian funerals, some sweets are usually served to help people with their potential low blood sugar. What sweets are served in Persian funeral? Dates and Halwas are inseparable parts in Persian memorials since the old […]

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Khoresht Gheymeh Bademjan | Yellow Split Peas Stew

Khoresht Gheymeh Bademjan – Lamb Aubergine Stew with Yellow Split Peas is an iconic Persian stew that you can find in a lot of occasions in Iran, such as weddings, religious mournings, or even when you are invited over for lunch. What is Khoresht Gheymeh Bademjan? The name Khoresht Gheymeh Bademjan – Lamb Aubergine Stew […]

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Persian food culture | Balance of hot and cold nature

When it comes to maintaining a balanced diet, Persian food culture won’t just be limited to balancing the nutrients in meals but also to what that is considered to be hot nature (garmi) and cold nature (Sardi) of ingredients. Living an Iranian lifestyle, you naturally learn to avoid eating a certain combination of foods and […]

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