Zereshk Polo Morgh |Persian Barberry Rice With Chicken

Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh is one of the signature dishes of Persian cuisine. This food is made with rice, barberry, saffron and chicken. This simple yet delicious food is loved by all Iranians. What is Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh? Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh literally means “Barberry rice with chicken”. In Farsi, Polo / Polow generally […]

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Shole Zard: Persian saffron rice pudding

Persian saffron rice pudding or Shole Zard is a very popular meal in Iranian cuisine. It is commonly served as dessert or an evening meal but you can also have it as a main course if you have a sweet tooth. Here is everything you need to know about Shole Zard. What is Persian saffron […]

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Dolmeh Barg-e Mo | Persian stuffed grape leaves

Dolmeh is a common dish in many Eastern-Mediterranean countries. This food can be made with different ingredients and recipes depending on the region that it comes from. Dolmeh Barg-e Mo is a version of this food made with grape leaves, rice, yellow split peas, and meat. What is Dolmeh Barg-e Mo? The term “Dolmeh” ( […]

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Persian Macaroni: Persian style spaghetti

Persian Macaroni is a Persian style spaghetti cooked commonly by Iranians. It is a popular comfort dish for everyday cooking and is liked by many, especially the children. What is Persian Macaroni? Many original pasta recipes are commonly cooked in Iran. You can find pasta with Alfredo or Pesto sauce in almost every restaurant nowadays. […]

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Persian chickpea cookies | Nan-e Nokhodchi

Persian chickpea cookie or Nan-e Nokhodchi is a light gluten-free cookie that is one of the most favourite sweets for the Persian New Year. Alongside the preparation of Haft-Sin table and New Year’s special meal, Sabzi-Polo-Mahi, Persians have a tendency to make sweets and pastries. Iranians believe that these pastries can bring good fortune. As […]

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