12 Keto-Friendly Persian Food

Among the high carbohydrate Persian dishes, it is still not difficult to find keto-friendly Persian food or turn a Persian recipe to keto-friendly by some adjustments. Since Persian rice is almost a fixed part of Persian dishes, most of the Iranian foods might seem full of carbohydrates. But as rice is usually served alongside the […]

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6 Most Comforting Persian Funeral Foods

In Persian culture, certain foods are usually served during hard times like funeral services or traditional religious mourning events. In Persian funerals, some sweets are usually served to help people with their potential low blood sugar. What sweets are served in Persian funeral? Dates and Halwas are inseparable parts in Persian memorials since the old […]

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Morgh-e Torsh | Persian sour chicken and green herb stew

Morgh-e Torsh is the Persian sour chicken and green herb stew. The dish comes from Gilan with its magical green herbs! The sour taste of Morgh-e Torsh along with its magnificent odour will probably take one to the heart of Iran, Gilan. This simple dish is full of flavours and you cannot go wrong giving […]

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Persian pastry | Esfahan’s sweet souvenirs

Iranians love sweet things, as a result, they have special kinds of pastry for every occasion. Whether it is New Year’s fest or a national mourning gathering, there is always a Persian pastry or some other sweets playing a role. Almost every region in Iran has its own pastry in its local cuisine. Therefore you […]

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Baghali polo | Persian rice with dill and broad beans

Baghali is Farsi for Broad Beans, Combined with fresh finely chopped dill along with aromatic rice make a very delicious meal called Baghali Polo. Ingredients for Baghali polo Like most other Persian polo recipes Baghali Polo has only a few ingredients. All you need is rice, fresh or dried dill, broad beans, oil, salt and […]

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