Key Spices and Seasonings of the Persian Pantry

Persian spices and special seasoning agents are the secrets making Iranian foods unique and platable. Saffron, turmeric, or dried herbs are some other typical flavouring agents that are essential to a Persian pantry. Iranian cuisine is the repertoire of subtle flavours. From spices to aromatic herbs, nuts, and dried fruits each plays its role delicately […]

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Persian chickpea cookies | Nan-e Nokhodchi

Persian chickpea cookie or Nan-e Nokhodchi is a light gluten-free cookie that is one of the most favourite sweets for the Persian New Year. Alongside the preparation of Haft-Sin table and New Year’s special meal, Sabzi-Polo-Mahi, Persians have a tendency to make sweets and pastries. Iranians believe that these pastries can bring good fortune. As […]

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12 Keto-Friendly Persian Food

Among the high carbohydrate Persian dishes, it is still not difficult to find keto-friendly Persian food or turn a Persian recipe to keto-friendly by some adjustments. Since Persian rice is almost a fixed part of Persian dishes, most of the Iranian foods might seem full of carbohydrates. But as rice is usually served alongside the […]

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Nowruz | Persian New Year Explained

What is Nowruz? There is something about spring and the power of new beginnings. Iranians celebrate the arrival of spring as Persian Nowruz on the first day of vernal equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox is when winter ends and spring begins astronomically.  Nowruz essentially means ”new day”. Like the Chinese New Year, […]

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6 Most Comforting Persian Funeral Foods

In Persian culture, certain foods are usually served during hard times like funeral services or traditional religious mourning events. In Persian funerals, some sweets are usually served to help people with their potential low blood sugar. What sweets are served in Persian funeral? Dates and Halwas are inseparable parts in Persian memorials since the old […]

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