Persian Macaroni: Persian style spaghetti

Persian Macaroni is a Persian style spaghetti cooked commonly by Iranians. It is a popular comfort dish for everyday cooking and is liked by many, especially the children. What is Persian Macaroni? Many original pasta recipes are commonly cooked in Iran. You can find pasta with Alfredo or Pesto sauce in almost every restaurant nowadays. […]

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Zeytoon Parvardeh | Persian Olive Dip

Zeytoon Parvardeh is a tasty Iranian dip used as a side dish or appetizer in Persian cuisine. This pleasant combination of olives, pomegranates, and aromatic herbs, comes from northern Iran specially Gilan. Zeytoon Parvardeh is popular all over the country and it has also been nationally registered in the name of the Gilan province. This […]

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7 Best Cafes to visit in Tehran in 2020

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, is full of different types of cafes and coffee houses with different styles and stories. But with a busy schedule and limited time, how can we find a café that suits the best with our expectations? Here is a list of 7 best cafes that you can visit in […]

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How to master baking Persian Love Cake

Persian Love Cake is moist, yet a fluffy piece of goodness, baked and adorned with Middle Eastern, specifically Persian, ingredients and spices. This Persian cake is well recognized by this name almost all around the world. However, on the contrary, not many Iranians in Iran have heard of the name Persian Love Cake. With Valentine’s […]

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Khorsh-e Beh | Persian Quince Stew

Khorsh-e Beh is the most famous dish in Persian cuisine among the recipes for stews with fruit. Persian quince stew, so-called Khoresh-e Beh, always reminds me of family dinners on cold days of autumn. The experience of Khoresh-e Beh with the great taste of soft-cooked quince in the mouth is unforgettable. Everything about this dish […]

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