Persian Rice and Tahdig Cooking Guide

Persian rice plays an undeniable role in Iranian cuisine. The variety of rice types and also the Persian style rice cooking methods in Iran seems unbelievable. Believe it or not, making good Persian food is an Art. It can seem long and intimidating, but the key virtue in the Persian culinary tradition is patience. And […]

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Persian Butternut Squash Dessert with Saffron

The Persian Butternut squash dessert is great to make while they are still in season. For this dessert, you’ll need to buy butternut squash with a long neck.For an added flavour and a southern touch, you may make this dessert with date syrup or for a Hamedani-style pumpkin dessert you may use grape syrup as […]

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Persian Halva recipe

Persian Halva is a sweet dense paste made out of toasted wheat flour, oil or butter, mixed with a sugar, saffron, cardamom and rosewater syrup that gives it a pleasant taste and smell. Halva is originally an Arabic dessert literally meaning “sweet”, but it has found its way to many ethnicities such as Indian, Persian, […]

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Persian Tea | Everything You Need to Know

Tea didn’t find its way to Persia until the 17th century when it became an expensive luxury. Qajar attempts to grow tea in Iran had been unsuccessful until Haj Mohammad Mirza, also known as Kashef-ol Saltaneh, was sent to India as the Iranian consulate. He managed to learn the secrets of tea plantation and slipped […]

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