Masghati | Persian saffron and rosewater sweet

Masghati is a soft, Jelly-like sweet made mostly in southern parts of Iran. This sweet is made with slight changes in ingredients and recipes in different regions of Iran but the basic recipe is more or less the same. The main ingredient of Masghati is starch which gives the sweet its jelly form. Saffron, rosewater, […]

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Sabzi Polo Mahi | Persian Herb rice with Fish

Sabzi Polo/Polow, Traditionally served on New Year’s Eve or as the first meal of the Persian New Year, the fresh herbs in this dish symbolize rebirth and renewal as Nowruz is the arrival of spring. Rice is quite ordinary in Iranian cuisine and serves as the centrepiece to many meals, like most other mix rice […]

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Sosis Bandari | Persian Sausage and potatoes

Sosis Bandari or Persian sausage and potato skillet is a sandwich that is served as street food in Iran. This sandwich is made out of sausage, potatoes, onions, tomato paste, and spices and is one of my favourites! What is Sosis Bandari? If you are ever trying to get the taste of Iranian fast food […]

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Salad Olivieh | Persian Chicken Salad

Olivier salad, known as Persian Chicken salad, is a popular alteration of the Russian potato salad in Iran. The main recipe for this salad is slightly different than the original version, as it’s made with chicken breasts. It’s one of the most beloved Persian street food, that you can also find it as a delicious […]

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Esfand | The Magical Gaurdian Herb

Esfand, Epand or Esphand has a strong presence in every Persian house and cultural rituals. Iranians believe that this dried herb has the magical power to stave off harm and avert the negative vibes. Burning Esfand is a supernatural protector against negativity and bad luck. What is Esfand? Esfand is the seeds and dried fruits […]

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