Nowruz | Persian New Year Explained

What is Nowruz? There is something about spring and the power of new beginnings. Iranians celebrate the arrival of spring as Persian Nowruz on the first day of vernal equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox is when winter ends and spring begins astronomically.  Nowruz essentially means ”new day”. Like the Chinese New Year, […]

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6 Most Comforting Persian Funeral Foods

In Persian culture, certain foods are usually served during hard times like funeral services or traditional religious mourning events. In Persian funerals, some sweets are usually served to help people with their potential low blood sugar. What sweets are served in Persian funeral? Dates and Halwas are inseparable parts in Persian memorials since the old […]

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Persian pastry | Esfahan’s sweet souvenirs

Iranians love sweet things, as a result, they have special kinds of pastry for every occasion. Whether it is New Year’s fest or a national mourning gathering, there is always a Persian pastry or some other sweets playing a role. Almost every region in Iran has its own pastry in its local cuisine. Therefore you […]

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Top 5 places to have Dizi in Tehran

Dizi, a Traditional Persian Dish Once the food of working-class and commoners, Dizi or Abgoosht has become a popular dish amongst the new generation of Iran. These days, you can find traditional and modern Dizi houses at almost every corner of Tehran city. Most Dizi places serve solely Dizi on their menu. Nevertheless, to stimulate […]

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7 Yalda night must eat food and fruit

Sitting around a table filled with plenty of Yalda night must eat food, fruit, and drinks, I hear my dad’s voice reading Hafez poetry aloud. The words are so mystical and deep. I lean over and pour some pomegranate arils in a small bowl, sprinkle some salt and grand Angelica powder over them and put […]

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